Saturday, March 26, 2011

Top 10 Most Irritating Expressions in the English

"With all due respect, I personally think that at this moment in time, shouldn't I have discovered myself that it's not rocket science but fairly unique that at the end of the day I use at least 5 out of 10 most annoying phrases that can be uttered 24/7. It's a nightmare!"

I thought I'd put a smile on your face this weekend and list the top ten most annoying expressions in English. A bunch of Oxford University researchers came up with this list.  The scholars in question keep track of linguistic mangling and overused buzzwords in a database called the Oxford University Corpus. The voluminous record keeps track of books, magazines, broadcast, online media and other sources, watching for new overused, tiresome phrases and retiring those that fade from use (or misuse).

The great hierarchy of verbal fatigue includes:

1 – At the end of the day
2 – Fairly unique
3 – I personally
4 – At this moment in time
5 – With all due respect
6 – Absolutely
7 – It’s a nightmare
8 – Shouldn’t of
9 – 24/7
10 – It’s not rocket science

You’re kindly invited to offer your favorite overused or abused phrases in the comments section below.


gladys said...

glad to report that the only one I use is 24/7!!!!
And yes they are annoying, agree 100%
ha, ha, that was another phrase that is also annoying

Marilyn said...

Absolutely Lovely.. :)) Following you from blog hop.. I'm Marilyn from, hope you can stop by sometime.. TY

Opal Stevens said...

I'm your newest follower :D

Lorraine J. said...

Absolutely love the background blossoms on your blog! So tangible I can almost smell them!

Expatwithkids said...

Thanks for following and for the compliments.
I'll keep at it ;)

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