Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nanomania's last chance!

Don't miss your very last chance to complete your child's Nano Collection. Migros have published an address where you can exchange up to 10 Nanos. Beware the magic ends on March 29th, 2011 or so they say?!?

In this week's Migros magazine they published a page explaining how to obtain the missing Nanos from your collection - including the jokers. You send in your doubles to exchange them for the missing ones. Joker Nanos (Luxibus, DJ, Gold one) will "cost" you 3 of your doubles. Regular Nanos are a straight exchange. Unfortunately the first Wedenesday joker, the rocket, is only available at the roadshows.

So, get your duplicates together, put them in an envelope and add a list of your missing Nanos. Make sure you include a stamped and addressed return envelope for Migros to send back to you.

The magic address is:
Tit pit GmbH
Allmendsstrasse 8
8320 Fehraltorf

(I'm sure happy I don't work at Tit pit for the coming week.)

You also might want to stop online at where many people are selling them. Good luck!

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