Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nanomania continues online

We have finally come to an end of the Naomania follie at Migros and my daughter has not even bothered to take them to school anymore stating that no one else is bringing them either, therefore she cannot swap hers. Is it really all over with one single woshhhhhhhhh?!?

Migros hit the last straw when the largest store in Lugano completely run out of Nanos a week before the promotion ended. Back from our skiing vacation my daughter dragged me straight to Migros to stock up our fridge and receive some last Nanos missing from her collection. Arrived at the cash register the lady very kindly told us to get lost (more or less) when we asked for our 10 well-deserved Nanos!!!!! She seemed happier about the end of the Nanomania promotion than alot of the mummies I have seen.

BUT is not all over yet.

Having logged on to, Switzerland's local version of e-bay, there are 6244 Nano offers while I am writing this post!!!! The special edition "Luxibus" is going for CHF 32.- with 84 bids, please someone pinch me fast!

If Coop had its act together this would be the PERFECT moment to launch a counter attack........

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