Saturday, March 12, 2011

Evening Group of the International Women's Club of Lugano are jazzing it up!

The evening group of the International Women’s Club of Lugano ( has been set up for International people living in Ticino willing to get together in a friendly and casual atmosphere. 

After the success of the last International evening group, IWCL have the pleasure to inform you about the next International event. So come and join them for the next get-together.

We will first enjoy the "Trio Padre Padrone" on stage (check out their music here -unfortunately the link comes just in German -, followed by drinks and/or dinner. Partners and friends are welcome.

Where: Canvetto Luganese, Via Simen 14b, 6900 Lugano – Tel. 091 910 18 90
Date: Wednesday, 16th of March 
Time: 19:30 
The concert starts at 20:30 and entrance is: CHF 15.00 or CHF 10.00 if you dine at the Canvetto Luganese.

Sabrina and Sandrine have designed a flexible format, so you can choose to come just for the concert or dine there having a small bite, a proper meal, or a light tasting menu (see details below). Canvetto Luganese is known for its homemade pasta. The restaurant is owned by the Fondazione Diamante. The pasta factory, restaurant and various activities employ disabled people to help them integrate in everyday life. 

Please reserve asap, and don’t forget to mention if you want to eat à la carte, pick the tasting menu or just come for the concert (your place will be booked from 19:30 on).
Contact Sabrina Nicod at Tel.079 642 40 18 or e-mail 

1st course: 
Asparagi alla milanese / Asparagus Milanese way 
Risotto ai funghi / Mushroom Risotto 
Tagliatelle al ragù / Pasta with Bolognese sauce 
Quiche Lorraine (pie with cheese/bacon/eggs) 
Vol-au-Vent à la reine (stuffed pastry with chicken, cream, mushrooms) 
Bigné alla crema (pastry stuffed with cream) 
Mousse al cioccolato (chocolate mousse) 
Torta di prugne (plum pie) 
Mille-Feuilles (puff pastry with cream filling 
Sorbetto di frutta (fruit sorbet) 
Strudel di mele (apple strudel) 
1st course+dessert CHF 29.- p.p 
Seefood Spaghetti+dessert Fr. 33.- p.p

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