Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Migros Nanomania getting out of hand?

So this Nanomania might blow up in Migros' face after all.

My local ladies sources (one of whom works as a cashier at Migros) are telling me that mums, aunts and grandparents are fighting over these little rascals at the cash register. To make matters worse, Migros is running out of stock on Special Edition day - which by the way is on a Wednesday when the kids are off school in the afternoon and accompany their mothers shopping. They are handing out prestamped leaflets asking you to come back in two months' (!) time to pick up the Nano. Please tell me that by May nobody will care anymore about these beans!!!!

Due to last week's out-of-stock, this morning apparently the Migros parking lots where taken by assault and the rush for the Special Edition Nano started at 8 am with mothers screaming and shouting at each other in order to get passed the register first. Ladies, where has you Swiss chivarly gone?

Migros will have to react fast or else there sales strategy will make them even more unpopular with desperate mums than they already are at this point in time!!!

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