Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Test your Swiss civic knowledge

Go online and click here to test your Civic knowledge of the Swiss Confederation.

10 random questions need to be answered and they are not easy. Answers are given immediately with cheat sheets for further in-depth infromation.

Would you know the answer to the following question:
«A general strike occurred in Switzerland following WW I (1914-1918). The strikers demands for old-age pensions or a 48-hour work week were rejected. When was the state pension introduced in Switzerland (following approval by 80% of the popular vote)?»

The answer is 1947 and can be looked up in the Federal Consitution which is the supreme legislative act of the Confederation and forms the legal foundation for all other legislation and for the federal structure of the state. It regulates the fundamental rights and duties of citizens and of the entire population as well as the structure and powers of the federal authorities. Any total revision or amendment (partial revision) of the Federal Constitution must be submitted to the People and the cantons for approval (mandatory referendum).

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