Sunday, March 13, 2011

Impressive Live image ticker of today's 43rd Engadiner Skimarathon

The Engadin cross-country ski marathon was the first marathon of this kind. It was organized in 1969 with an amazing 945 of skiers who lined up at the start line. Since then its success has grown to attracting participants from more than 35 nations every year.

It’s a 42km long marathon which leads beside a medieval castle, over ice-bound lakes, and through an entire forest. The whole landscape is absolutely astonishing. 12,000 competitors gather at the start, get whipped into a frenzy by music from Chariots of Fire, and take off Le-Mans-style across a couple of snow-covered lakes through the upper Engadine valley. It is incredibly well organized evidenced by the fact that competitors’ warm clothes get transported to the finish line. Also check out the photos of the beginning of the race: how to get 12'000 skiers in line?!?

The Engadin Ski Marathon is a real challenge, but also a chance to admire the wonders of nature in the Swiss mountains. See for yourself by clicking here to enter the Ski Marathons 2011 live image ticker.

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