Sunday, March 13, 2011

Aretha Franklin at Bellinzona's Rabadan Carnival

When the Swiss let lose they really let lose!

Give the Swiss half a chance to step out of their ruled and highly organized routine and they really know how to have fun. Now, I know that might be hard to believe but have you ever met a Swiss abroad? Have you noticed how relaxed and humourous they can be? I am a firm believer that Swiss are a great deal of fun you just need to get to it!!!!

This year's carnival in Bellinzona featured a pink "Guggenband" grooving to the rythm of Aretha Franklin. Just my kind of style. Check it out on: Ticinonews - Aretha Franklin at Rabadan.

Ticino's Carnival ends today...therefore the king and queen of the various cities in this canton will be returning "the keys" to their respective mayors in order to reinstall Swiss law and order until next year!!!!

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