Monday, March 14, 2011

National launch of "TurboSiesta" campaign in Switzerland today

"No day is so bad it can't be fixed with a nap."
Carrie Snow

Swiss Council for Accident Prevention has teamed up with motoring and road safety organisations for a three-year campaign to make people think twice about driving when tired. To launch the campaign a national day of turbo siestas has been declared today, with drivers urged to powernap for 15 minutes.

Driving while tired is as dangerous as drink-driving, campaign organisers said on Thursday, ahead of the first “turbo siesta” day in Switzerland on March 14. Up to 20 per cent of accidents are believed to be caused by drivers drifting off while at the wheel, according to the Council.

Comical television advertisements are being rolled out showing a driver napping in unusual places – in the middle of a football pitch or a skate park. Later on, businesses with staff working irregular hours will be targeted, as well as young people and the elderly.

Tiredness is dangerous at different times of day, depending on people’s ages. Most accidents during the weekend or at night involve drivers under the age of 40, whereas for people aged over 40 the afternoons are more problematic.

But the warning signs are the same for all: sore eyes, heavy eyelids, constant yawning, blurred vision, shaking, body jolts.

So next itme you try staying awake by driving with the windows wide open, listening to loud music, singing or drinking two cups of coffee - STOP - listen to your body and TURBONAP!!!

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