Wednesday, November 17, 2010

You know you live in Lugano when...

... you start saying "Ciao" instead of good bye, when speaking in any language! Or the same with “Grazie” instead of thank you
... you have the warmth of the sun in your face and you can see the mountains full of snow.
... you know that Monte Bre and San Salvatore aren’t saints but the landmarks of Lugano.
... whenever giving people directions you refer to MANOR and say, "it's two blocks to the left of Manor", "it's right behind Manor", "do you know where Manor is?"
... you feel like going to the movies, but then you remember that, since there are only 2 cinemas in town, you have already seen all the films there are to see.
... you recognize that old man with the really long red beard who plays his barrel organ.
... you know what Foxtown is and how to find your way around in it!!!
... you go to Milan or Zurich when you really feel like shopping.
... when the people you encounter on a day-to-day basis are polite but warmth is difficult to find no matter the season of the year. 
... you think Lugano is the most boring city but after being away for a month, you start missing it.

1 comment:

Blanca said...

Great!!! I don't know where Manor is!!! Love this post!

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