Monday, November 8, 2010

Easyjet is late!

“Like a bad British Rail apology from the 1970s, passengers were informed that the flight had been cancelled that morning due to staff sickness.” 
Source: The Independent
Yesterday we boarded an easyjet flight (if they’d have a frequent flyer programme, we would be top of the list) and much to our surprise:
a) they were ON TIME boarding
b) they were ON TIME taking off
c) they were ON TIME  landing
Now that hasn’t happend in the last year. I am serious. On average we travel with easy jet once per month. Expat kids and myself were ecstatic. You might think we are exaggerating a wee bit. Let me tell you of our past adventures. 

Our average delay is around three hours, add the two hours you need to show up before take-off: makes five hours and you haven’t even gone anywhere yet. We’ve had flights cancelled at midnight (after waiting since 2pm in the airport) with no alternative solutions (i.e.bus, hotel, anything??????). 

We’ve been flown off to our destination on Christmas Eve only to find they hadn’t shipped our luggage due to lack of time?!? 400 furious passengers queuing yet again at baggage claim on Dec 24th (and the entire Expat family spent four days over Christmas wearing the same jeans, turtlenecks and underwear!). In the past, we have managed to board an easyjet plane only to be taken off the plane again two hours later and sent to a hotel (we were lucky this time!!!). 

Therefore, given that the plane was on time yesterday I decided to share this positive experience with you.
I am writing all this also to share my secret of staying alive & kicking in Lugano. TRAVEL, TRAVEL, TRAVEL. I love Lugano but I do miss the big city action and therefore need to get away from time to time in order to come back zened out (yes, that is a word nowadays). 

Lugano airport ( is tiny and has four international destinations to its name therefore the closest alternative is Milano Malpensa. It is a 60 minute drive from Lugano but worth the hassle considering the cheap flights that are available there.

Easyjet might be late, it might be frustrating and very often tyring but nothing beats a 50.- Euro ticket to a European destination and we loooove our weekend escapes....if we manage to get to our destination!


Blanca said...

Love it! Next time fly Vueling to Spain!

gladys said...

if we were to add up all the hours we have spent at an airport in our crazy expat lives they would probably add up to at least 3 or 4 years. We could all write a book about our adventures in travelling, couldnt we?

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