Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Circus Knie is coming to town

“There are so bewilderingly many laws in the Outside World. We of the circus know only one law - simple and unfailing. The Show must go on.”
 - Josephine Demott Robinson

The Circus Knie is an integral part of my Swiss childhood. When I was a little girl my father used to take me to the Circus Knie religiously every year. Every year we’d be greeted by the same little dwarf and buy our programmes for CHF 5.- by the same clown. 40 years later I am taking my kids to the Circus Knie with a heart full of memories and emotions. It is nice to know that some traditions never change.
The Circus’ Knie dynasty was established 1803 by Friedrich Knie and belongs to the oldest and leading circus businesses of Europe. The 8th Knie generation currently - grandfather, daughter and grandson - put on a superb Equestrian show each year.  Another of the Knie son’s is specialized in elephants and has his 3-year old participate in the arena as well. During last year’s tour the National (because the circus has been declared “National”) Circus Knie stopped in 44 Swiss cities between March and November.
The Knie tribe arrives by train! Yes, all the 70 caravans are heaved onto wagons and shipped from one village to the next by Swiss rail. The animals are driven in 60 trucks via road.
This year’s theme is  "Fascination". The Circus Knie will reside in Lugano from November 18th to 21st, 2010. It is the Circus’ 92nd tour since 1919. It consists of 242 tour days (thereof 216 “show days”) with 342 presentations by different 45 artists. Now that, I might say is quiet a feat in this day and age! Lugano is its last stop of the year’s tour. 
Special guest this year is Marie Thérèse Porchet. She/He is a star comedian in the French part of Switzerland and relatively unknown in the rest of Switzerland. This will change soon, as this ecccentric “lady” with the shrill voice joins the Circus Knie. Behind the (usually very colorful) disguise lies the Genevan comedian Joseph Gorgoni. He invented Marie-Thérèse over 10 years ago and since then, with increasing success, has embodied this figure who’s favourite pastime is teasing the Swiss Germans with her wonderfully wicked sayings. 
For those of you who understand French, I have added a video of Marie Thèrése Porchet's best performances on the "bourbines" (the Swiss Germans).

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Can't wait to see this year show!!!

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