Saturday, November 6, 2010

What to do on a Sunday in Lugano?

The Falcon
Cry of the falcon pierces the air
Shrill call echoing far and near.
Majestic raptor surveys below
Sharp eye and talons, friend or foe?

One idea is to take your family off on a trip to Locarno for a falcon show and then continue on to the Valle Maggia for lunch.

At the Falconeria just outside of Locarno you can enjoy a great bird of prey show which includes owls, vultures, a bald eagle, and a kara kara. Even though the show is in German and Italian, it will not stop you from enjoying the magnificent birds. They fly high in the sky, free, and then dive steeply to catch food and thereafter return faithfully to the falconer’s arm. The performers walk up and down the bleacher steps directing the birds to fly over the heads of the audience.  You are “brushed” by owl wings more than once! The majority of the bleachers are under cover, which makes it a perfect rainy day event. At the end of the show you even get to pet one of the owls. A must see with kids!

Well hidden on a wooded hillside above the river Maggia (this location alone is worth a visit) you’ll find  the "Ristorante da Enzo”. This rustic-modern “taverna” (which we call “grotto” in Ticino) is nested under giant chestnut trees, equipped with benches to sit along stone tables. You’ll also find nice white table-clothed tables inside where you are surrounded by local works of art. The “tartar” is phenomenal. Generally, all meats are recommended! The ravioli are spectacular and they show off an excellent wine list.
The hospitality of the owner Enzo adds to the flair, of course, and entices you to let loose with a good glass of wine, enjoy the flavours and the sights while your kids are free to play in the woody surroundings.

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Anonymous said...

... we like birds and falcons too, lots around here... ralph loves the cow face with the biiiig smile... big hug, Hampshire Housewifexxx

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