Monday, November 15, 2010

"The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it.”  
 - James Bryce

Following yesterday's post about reading I thought I might share one of my favorite links with you today. It is called:
This site belongs to the Amazon company and is UK’s largest provider of downloadable books. A subscription allows you to download one book a month at a reasonable price of about GBP 8.- or CHF 12.-.
If you're on an Audible membership plan then you'll be issued credits to use on the site when you pay your monthly fee. One audio credit can be used against any of the 40,000 titles regardless of how much they cost.
The choice of downloadable literature is endless: from science fiction to chick lit to thrillers or even self-help books or comedies. You choose to your hearts' delight. 
Audible books don't replace the real thing but once downloaded, you can listen to your story while having walk, while running, while driving. It can even accompany you in your daily chores such as ironing or cooking. I started listening to audible books after I became fed up with listening to my playlists over and over again. Audible books give you an alternative when you get bored with your usual music.
Like real books some are more captivating than others but the narration (usually in British English) is excellent. You can also buy abridged versions of some books if you please to do so.
Therefore, get yourself some English speaking company for yourself and your kids by clicking here:

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