Friday, November 19, 2010

Birchermüesli (yet antother brilliant Swiss invention

“Mens sana in corpore sano”
Dr. Maximilian Bircher Benner, the founder of Birchermüesli , born in 1867 in Aarau (Switzerland), was a revolutionary spirit. As a child he suffered some problems with his health and this may have influenced his decision to go into medicine. He placed great emphasis on holistic nutrition and, contrary to the general view held at the time by doctors, he was convinced of the healing properties of raw fruit and vegetables. But this conviction cost him his membership of the medical society. In 1904 Max Bircher founded the "Living Force" (Lebendige Kraft) Sanatorium on the Zürichberg where he put into practice the findings of his research into nutrition. This work resulted, amongst other things, in the recipe for "Birchermüesli", which would go on to achieve fame throughout the world. Simple, quick and healthy! 
It is time for another recipe: Original Swiss Birchermüesli - serves 4
200 g Birchermüesli flake mix with no added sugar (Personally I prefer the “familia” brand)
4.5 dl milk
1-2 apples
other fruit, e.g. berries, grapes, bananas, kiwi etc., according to taste/season
1 red fruit yoghurt
some orange juice or mixed fruit juice
0.25 dl cream (or more )
1.Mix the Birchermüesli flake mix with the milk.
2.Grate the apples or cut them into small pieces. Add them to the Birchermüesli.
3.Finely chop your other fruit, add it to the Birchermüesli and mix well. 
4.Add the yoghurt.
5.Stir in some orange/mixed fruit juice to make it more refreshing.
6. Add the cream. 
7. Optional: before serving whip some cream and decorate onto the Birchermüesli for nicer presentation.
Note: The consistency should be more “liquid” than solid. To adjust the taste if the consistency is too thick, add additional orange juice and/or milk.

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Gabriela said...

MMmmmmmmm!! Que rico!
Me recuerda mis amigas suizas! Lo que me costo acostumbrarme a esto... y tambien me recuerda mmis viajes de ski x Austria! "Morning breakfast" No sabia que esto era invento Suizo. Me gusto mucho el articulo, GRACIAS x compartirlo. (Gaby M)

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