Monday, May 16, 2011

Migros launches Quiz Mania together with WWF

You have got to be kidding me?.....

Have you seen the Quiz Mania ads around town this week? A Migros ad even popped up on my facebook page, HELP!

Nope, I’m not kidding!!!

Migros has launched it’s next promotion and I’m thinking “Oh no, not again!” I’m praying that it won’t swoop the kids into its realm like it did with Nanomania. By the way, how many of you remembered after Easter to pick up their missing Joker Nanos with the stamped ticket you received when Mirgos went out of stock back in March? Hmmm?!? How many kids remembered?!? Just keep this in mind, for the next hurricane is about to hit us!

Beware everyone: during the next six week the Mania fever will spread across Switzerland!

Migros has teamed up with WWF (which can only be a good sign) to launch their 3rd campaign called QuizMania from May 10th to June 20th. Together they have developed a special version of the cult game "Trivial Pursuit". The board game questions revolve around the categories "Forest and Meadow, " "Mountains", "Air", "Sea", "Nutrition" and "The Human race". Simultaneously WWF is launching Pandalympia, a mystery book to commemorate WWF’s 50th anniversary.

The implementation is as the previous manias: with every purchase of CHF 20.- you receive a package of five quiz cards that have six questions and answers. Thanks to the knowledge of the WWF, you can look forward to a colorful and exciting range of questions. Overall, the game contains 200 cards: 100 for children (eight years and above) and cards 100 for adults. The compact game with a board, playing pieces, a dice and a starter set of 20 quiz cards is on sale at Migros stores for CHF 9.80. For every game sold one CHF is donated to the WWF projects in climate protection. Now, THAT makes me feel a wee bit better.

I am very happy to announce that 4 Joker days are planned. On 18 May, customers will receive double the number of cards. On 25th May you have to rise real early because with a purchase of CHF 60.- Migros offers a CD with WWF Birthday Song by “Schtärneföifi” and other children's songs by popular Swiss artists. (I will honestly run in Mirgos headquarter doors should they run out of stock on that day!!!!! Yes, I have already given in to the fact that I will not be able to manouver my way around Migros thanks to my persistant daughter). On June 1st and 8th customers receive (in exchange for a CHF 60.- purchase) wild cards, which will complete the game.

WWF have been given a great opportunity to publicize their 50th anniversary. Unfortunate that looking at the Quizmania packet closer: it is Made in China (child labor?) of cotton (organic?) with instructions (recycled / FSC). Somehow I get the feeling WWF got the shorter end of the deal?!?

Start by testing your WWF knowledge with this quiz. I got 8 out of 10 answers correct. How about you?

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