Monday, February 21, 2011

Nanomania in Switzerland

If you live in Switzerland and have kids the last thing you probably want to read about is Nanomania!

A short intro for those of you who have managed to avoid the craze:
Migros (one of the 2 main Swiss supermarket chains) comes up with some marketing plot (because you CANNOT call it plan anymore) about twice a year to entice your kids whom will in turn insist on you shopping at Migros in order to receive the prize (a Nano plastic bean) with every 20 Francs you spend. When the fidelity plan was about Ocean animal stickers or old-fashion marbles, we Mummies could see the point of changing our shopping rituals to suit our childrens wishes, but this time Migros have outdone themselves. I still need to research who is behind this piece of genuis marketing of Migros but there is not a Primary school child in this country who isn't hooked on this perfectly designed choking devise called Nanos. i-Tunes even have an i-phone application for Nanomania and a Nanomania facebook page has been set up as well!

Expat Girl just marched in through the door as I am writing shouting: "Mummy, Mummy, pleeeeasse can we go shopping at Migros?"

Just to throw a spanner in the works, for the uninformed (under pressure from their kids), there is a "must-have" metal collection box available at CHF 9.80.

It is not enough that Luganese housewives have to discuss the Coop vs Migros weekly promotions, now we have the kids informing their Mums about the Migros promotions!!!!
Every Wednesday is "Joker" day - when a special Nano gadget is only available on this day - for minimum purchase of CHF 60 (clever Migros!).

You can catch the road show as well: MR Lugano Città on Wednesday, February23rd, 2011 from 2 to 5pm for exchanging Nanos. I am NOT sharing that piece of infomation with my daughter!!!!

Get this: my additional expenditure at Migros - where I usually do NOT spend a cent - would be 48 nanos x 20 francs = 960 francs for the love of my kids!!!! And it all ends mid-March!!!
My question: how am I suppose to spend nearly 1000 francs in one month in Migros?!?

Somebody help and send me those bl---y Nanos!!!!


Mrs Crocodile said...

Maybe we could convince Migros to start putting something in those pill-shaped containers? Valium? Well, chocolate might work, too?

Expatwithkids said...

Chocolate would work fine for me!!!! ;)

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