Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Day gifts for him

I have written so much about what we girls would love to be gifted on Valentine’s Day and before the guys feel ignored or if you are in need of ideas for gifting then do read the rest of this story.

TOP MUSIC: Its futuristic and delicate design makes this home audio equipment irresistible. Beo Center 2. produced by Bang & Olufsen, two aluminum doors slide sideways to unfold a radio player, CD, MP3 and DVD (3,840 € approx.)

HIDDEN MESSAGE COLLAR STAYS: come in PG-version and Racy version. Both the PG-version and racy collar stays are made from stainless steel and feature 12 different messages of love and lust. The PG version includes messages such as "You’re so handsome" and "You make me laugh”. The racy stays includes messages like “Wait until dark” and “Feel my desire” among others.
They come in a dapper black leather carrying case lined with red faux suede for $39.95.

BASEBALL STICHES CUFF LINKS: Salute his passion for baseball with cuff links handmade from the same baseballs the pros have used. Created from authentic game used Major League Baseballs, the baseball cufflinks feature iconic red stitches and unique scuffs and scratches earned in the journey from hand to bat to glove. He can even look up what game the ball was played in using the authentication number on the back of each cuff link. ($149.95)

MEN’S LEATHER WATCH CASE: If he has more than two, it's officially a collection. Our top-stitched leather case has a place for all of his favorite watches. Exclusively from RedEnvelope. $ 49.95

HOME GOLF SIMULATOR: This plug-and-play golf simulator lets you play championship caliber courses from the comfort of your home with any club in your golf bag. The turf has a regulation golf ball mounted on a flexible tether that allows the ball to spin when it is struck, enabling you to swing with the same tempo and force as on an actual course, and producing the same feel and "ping" sound when you strike the ball.

RECORD PLAYER: Vinyl isn’t only for the music pedant nor should it be. Help him listen to it in the best possible way. There are a variety of models for vinyl beginners and experts. has turntables for all listening levels like the Pro-Ject Debut III (approximately $500). Thorens has products at all price points, including the TD850 ($2659) and the TD90-2 (579.00).

WATCH G-Shock Aviation Series from CASIO: Taking design cues from aircraft flight panel indicators, the new G-Aviation features a triple layered dial and frame display structure that gives the watch face a three-dimensional feel while increasing overall visibility. Impeccably designed with toughness and technology, the G-Aviation also features Self-Charging, Tough Solar Power & Self–Adjusting, Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping technology, Tough Movement and the quadruple hybrid case structure for the ultimate in accuracy, strength and performance. ($300.-)

PERSONAL TRAINER SESSION: If you are running late and have no time for shopping, call your local gym and reserve an hour with a personal trainer for your loved one. 
Should you live in Lugano call the A-Club (Tel. +41 91 966 13 13) and ask for Gian Luca. Highly recommendable. He is friendly, professional, serious and gentle all in one. Perfect motivator! Personal trainer A-Club.

Happy Valentine's Day

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