Friday, February 11, 2011

Shopping for the perfect Valentine's Day gift

You have got the whole weekend to find the perfect gift for your sweetheart or why not pamper yourself? If you haven't come across your pink dream in the Toys for Girls book you might want to consider the following selection.

The closer we get to Feb. 14, the more pink electronics are coming out of the woodwork!

In view of Valentine’s Day I thought I’d come up with some gift suggestions combining high tech with distinct female aesthetic. Sound sytems, underwater MP3 players, top luxury phones and mobiles, pocket notebooks have definitely been getting into the V-Day spirit... a world that is evermore expanding: the art of pink design engineering.

GLAMOUR TELEPHONES:  Get a cordless phone like this one and turn it into a decorative, almost sculptural piece of art for your living room. With the buttons arranged in two rows and a black support, it is another great idea offered Bang & Olufsen (661 €).

USB necklaces: Ceramic is one of the hottest trend for jewelry at the moment.
Danish brand Kähler had the idea to combine beauty and functionality by creating My Life collection, a unique range of USB necklace made in ceramic. A sexy and ultra-modern way to carry all your precious files around! 2 GB of capacity (49.95 €/ each).

DESIGN & SOUND: Bang & Olufsen remain true to sound and style with the BeoSound 8 new docking station for iPhone, iPod, and iPad. High-end design and amazing technological features, the BeoSound 8 can be placed in any room or even hang on the wall. It offers sublime sound and beautiful design. (995 €).

ATTENTION GETTER: The undeniably chic and colorful 1.3-pound2, 8-inch3 Vaio P portable does more than you could imagine – with impeccable style. Work on important documents, organize your photos and music, or just show it off when you want some attention. Once you get used to it, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it. Best of all, it fits right in your purse or jacket pocket. Includes GPS (899 €).

FRESH, SPIRITED, COOL, YOU: Where is it written that a keyboard can’t be stylish? That a mouse can’t be whimsical? Logitech believe self-expression can be found in most everyday objects, so they created the Logitech Fantasy Collection. Mouse M305 (29,99 €) and Speakers LS11, (19,95 €).

THINK PINK: If you’re gonna go pink, then why not go all the way with matching pink accessories? That is the idea behind the Olympus FE-340 Pink 8 MP Digital Camera Deluxe Kit. The kit doesn’t just include a pink camera, but it also comes with a matching leather case, a 4×6 photo frame, and a photo Storage box. The camera sports a 1.7″ LCD, 5X optical zoom, face detection technology, red eye removal, an AVI movie mode, Digital Image Stabiliz and has 1GB capacity (180 €).

KEYBOARD AND MOUSE FOR BLONDES: First off, it’s pink, so you’re probably intrigued already right? The designers have also made things easier for us girls with some special keys.

You’ll get a lot of use out of the MySpace spacebar, while Enter= Yes, I want it. Delete= “Oops” and T= TC4S, too cool for school. S= “SOS”, shoes on sale. Seems like they covered everything. The numbers even look like dice rather than plain old digits. With this keyboard, every moment you type is a blonde moment. The link "Keyboard for blondes" is definately worth a peek. ;) (59.50€)

VERSACE UNIQUE SMARTPHONE: Designed for the cosmopolitans who love technology combined with fashion in mind, the new Versace Unique luxury mobile phone unites all essential functions for professional and personal use. A full-featured multimedia creation, Versace Unique also offers bespoke services and private fittings to clients who want to suit personal style, inspirations and creative mood in colour and texture accoutrements for the telephone. (5'500. €)

SONY MP3 PLAYER with HEADPHONES: When jogging or at the gym, no matter how cute and tiny your pink mp3 player is, having dangling cords and having to carry an mp3 player around can be a nuisance. When working out, you want no fuss, a cord free gadget that will allow you to go through the entire workout free of wires, as they can get in the way be yanked accidentally out of the player while working out. Look no further: these tiny music devices offer 2 GB of memory space, hours of fun music and the beauty comes in the fact that the mp3 player is actually integrated in the headphones. (85.-€)

UNDERWATER MUSIC from NAICAL: Perfect for bringing music to your favorite aquatic sports, the Nu Technology Dolphin Touch MP3 player will keep you entertained whether you are out lap swimming, snorkeling, kayaking or surfing.

The Dolphin Lite is a comfortable and ergonomic MP3 whose battery lasts 18 hours of continuous playback, and weighs only 20 grams. The Dolphin lite, unlike most of the MP3s on the market offers cable-free design that allows the user to forget completely where to place the device. It is available with 2GB of storage at a price of 79.- € at the official website of the company.

SONY DIGITAL READER Pocket Edition: it's elegant, lightweight design makes it perfect for on-the-go reading. Take your favorite books (up to 350) with you to the beach, on travels or to bed. Build your library comfortably from home at the eBook Store from Sony, where you can access new releases or choose from over one million free public domain titles from Google Books, or you can visit public libraries to borrow eBooks if you live in the US. (200.- €)


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