Thursday, January 20, 2011

Toys for girls

"If Women Didn't Exist, All the Money of the World Would Have No Meaning"

I came across this pink book just before Christmas thinking: "this would be a nice Christmas present to receive" and then forgot all about it. Well, I spotted it in the sales again and just couldn't resist.
Written by Patrice Farameh who also published the coffee table book series "Luxury hotels" it is dedicated to us women! 

This highly imaginative new book shows you hundreds unique products ranging from breathtaking accessories, unique jewelry and top fashion to glamorous domestic appliances and sexy telephones, all exclusively designed for women who like to dream. Toys for Girls is about the ultimate pampering that is only available to the few, but is subject of the dreams and conversations of many. This amazing book will therefore inspire a readership much broader than just those who have sufficient means to seek out and buy these prohibitively expensive toys.

For a mere CHF 30.30 at Exlibris online you can purchase a tiny bit of luxury and keep dreaming for the rest of the day.

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