Sunday, January 2, 2011

Winter sports in Campra

On a sunny day an excursion is definately worth the 80 km of drive up to the Blenio valley to Campra on the Lukmanier pass road.
Apart from the superb Cross country center with 30km of slopes you'll also find a skating rink and a restaurant. An easy bobsleigh track for children, 200 meters long, ensures fun for everyone. For lovers of nature walks and peace, the Nordic Center offers an easy, flat 5km trail through the woods of alder and fir trees and partly along the river Brenno which is also ideal for Nordic Walking.
Skis, skates and everything else you need can be rented on the spot. Make sure you start out early since the sun hides behind the mountains by midday and the ice rink can become pretty cold. The whole setting is very "old-fashion" but that is exactly what gives it its charm in my opinion.
Have your kids try some cross-country skiing. This sport is not very popular with youngsters but a lot of fun to learn in a group. Cross-country skiing, like swimming, is a full body exercise. What makes it so great is that it involves your upper and lower body, which means it doesn't take much to get your heart rate soaring. The more body parts you involve in your workout, the more calories you'll burn and the faster your kids will fall asleep at night.

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