Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cardada - Excursion at moonlight

Given that January 19th is full moon I have another moonlight suggestion for you: 
Explore Cardada with snow shoes!
In these modern times, when snow falls, we tend to stay inside by a nice, warm fire. Our ancestors didn't have that option, though. In 4000 B.C., people living in Central Asia needed a way to hunt and migrate even when the snow was as high as their waist. It wasn't a matter of convenience, it was a matter of survival. So, 6,000 years ago, around the same time that the wheel was invented, these people strapped flat materials to the bottoms of their feet, which allowed them to walk around as if they were floating on the snow.
Therefore experience this alternative and very exciting way of exploring the mountain. Everyone can easily take part, a minimal equipment is required and special technical knowledge is not necessary. 
Magical winter landscapes, snow covered forests and mountains will make your snow-shoe tour a very special experience. Enjoy the tranquility of this gentle sport. 
Next excursions will be Monday 17th, Tuesday18th and Wednesday 19th of January. Meeting point is at bottom station of the Orselina-Cardara cable car at 17:30. A well-deserved plate of pasta will be servered at the Rest. Cardada at around 21:00. The cost will be CHF 60.- including the cableway ticket. Number of Participants limited to 25!
More Info: Tel +41 (0)91 735 30 30

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