Sunday, January 9, 2011

A really smart fridge

"I have the body of an eigtheen year old. I keep it in the fridge."
Spike Milligan

This new gadget I read about today is so cool I just had to share it with you:

a refrigerator with a touchscreen LCD display that lets users keep tabs on where items are located in the refrigerator and when they expire.

Hello, can you beam me to the Caribbean as well?

But it doesn't stop there: an owner can access the information while shopping via a smartphone and check whether they have enough milk or orange juice, for example. In case of a problem such as a door left open, the LG refrigerator can send an alert to an owner's smartphone or computer.

This unbelievable fridge is part of LG Electronics latest home appliance range called "Thinq" which are connected to a home Wi-Fi network and can be controlled by a smartphone or a computer.
The "Thinq" range includes washing machines that can be instructed from the office to run at the most cost-effective times and a camera-equipped robot vacuum cleaner, the Hom-Bot, which can be instructed remotely to clean the floor.The camera embedded in the robot can also be used to keep an eye on the house while the owner is away.

Who needs a babysitter at this rate?

It only gets better, Smart Diagnosis, which delivers built-in diagnostic tools, allows LG technicians direct access to fault codes. For example, instead of disassembling an entire machine to determine what’s gone wrong, LG customer service can use Smart Diagnosis to plug into the appliance’s innards – even remotely – to ask the computer inside what the problem is.

..and all hell breaks lose if your WIFI conks out, there is an electricity failure or worse a virus enters the system!!!


Tish Jett said...

Well done! Welcome into the wonderful world of blogging. I think you belong here.

I love Lugano.

Merci for the honor of being on your list.

I'll visit often.

Best regards,

Expatwithkids said...

Thanks. You've just made my day! :)

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