Monday, January 3, 2011

Members of the Swiss Federal Council

To start off the new year on a good informative note, can you guess (because very few people in Switzerland actually KNOW) who our 7 Swiss councelors are? Who is this year's President of the Swiss Confederation?

The Swiss government consists of the seven members of the Federal Council who are elected by the United Federal Assembly for a four-year term. The President of the Swiss Confederation is elected for just one year and is regarded as Primus inter pares, or first among equals during that time. He chairs the sessions of the Federal Council and untertakes special ceremonial duties. Federal Chancellor Corina Casanova acts as the Federal Council's chief of staff.

The members of the Federal Council (from left to right on the photo below) are:
Federal Councillor Johann N. Schneider-Ammann
Federal Councillor Didier Burkhalter
Federal Councillor Doris Leuthard
President Micheline Calmy-Rey
Federal Councillor Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf (Vice-President)
Federal Councillor Ueli Maurer
Federal Councillor Simonetta Sommaruga
Federal Chancellor Corina Casanova

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