Monday, January 24, 2011

Expat counselling in Ticino

“For a man to conquer himself is the first and noblest of all victories.”
As expatriates, we have all lived through the emotional rollercoaster of the various expatriation stages. First the excitement then the curiosity followed by worry and panic swiftly passing on to a feeling of hopelessness and frustration and eventually satisfaction and contempt to having conquered the world.
Strong emotions are attached to farewells, welcomes, exploration of new grounds and meeting new people. The intentions will eventually pave the way for getting a new routine and a way of life into the new place. Moving and expatriating is about change and the ability to accept what comes with it. Nothing in life is permanent. When settling in a new location, let it go, allow the place to send its messages and speak its own language and let the purpose of your presence in the location unfold freely. Being an expatriate is like being an explorer and there are few rules to follow and abundance of benefits to create. The more positive the engine, the better the results. Easy to say!
Therefore, should you need help and support with an emotional problem and feel you have no-one to confide in or no-one who understands the difficulties you are experiencing and need guidance to get back on track or to re-focus in a more positive and productive way contact: expat counselling

Caroline Garrod is a highly trained and an experienced adult counsellor, child behaviour therapist, relationship therapist, group therapist and counselling supervisor. She offers a worldwide English Speaking phone and e-mail counselling service and is currently based in Lugano Switzerland.
Whatever difficulty you are facing, she can offer you a therapeutic, supportive, non judgemental and confidential environment to help you explore your problems and cope more effectively. 
FACE TO FACE sessions are available at Caroline’s counselling practice in Lugano, Switzerland. Write to or call at Tel: 0041 91 600 1873.

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