Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Basketball Derby in Lugano

"Baketball doesn't build character, it reveals it!"
Author unknown

You're thinking basketball??? Why would I watch a Lugano basketball derby?

The local basketball matches are a well-kept secret that my son and hubby discovered this past winter. Should you have kids between 7 and 13 years, whiz them off tonight to assist the Massagno vs Lugano Tigers basketball derby. Make sure you bring your Vuvuzelas, horns, drumsticks or anything else that makes alot of noise to cheer on your preferred team. The fun consists in rooting for your team as loud as you possibly can. When the Lugano Tigers play in their home gym (Instituto Helvetico) the team provides their fans with drums and tamburines to be played as loud and long as possible. The kids get to shout and sing their basketball chants (Take that ball and jam! Dribble, dribble - slam!) through the microphone. After the match the Lugano Tigers are very generous with signatures on t-shirts, shoes and balls. The whole event is a fun, family-friendly moment - which given the high noise-level - is much more appreciated by the youngsters than by the adults.

But hey, how many times are you encouraged to make noise in Switzerland?

The derby will take place tonight at 19:30 in the Palamondo di Cadempino. For more info also follow this Lugano tigers link or see my previous post: Another Lugano derby.

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