Thursday, December 16, 2010

Another Lugano derby

Ticino’s big advantage is that the beautiful nature encourages you to be sporty and the kids learn the spirit of fairplay and grasp the necessity of excercise at a very young age. Lugano being a city of barley 50’000 inhabitants you need to come up with your own activity schedule which therefore usually revolves around sports.
Yesterday we met the local ice hockey stars, today we are off to see the basketball derby Lugano Tigers vs SAM Basket Massagno.
My kids really enjoy following the Lugano Tigers basketball matches because they are actually encouraged by the organizers to make as much noise as possible in order to support their team. Switerland’s youth is raised to respect the traditions of hush and silence, so this opportunity to go wild for one evening is a great treat.
The derby is on tonight at the gym of the Istituto Elvetico (Salesiani Don Bosco - Via Canonica, 15 - 6900 Lugano) at 19:30.
Check it out: Lugano Tigers

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