Monday, December 13, 2010

St.Moritz: a weekend escape

Looking for a glamorous weekend escape? St Moritz is the embodiment of Swiss chic, and has been so since the resort’s beginnings in 1854. Nestled at the centre of the Engadine valley, St Moritz boasts more than 350 kilometres of groomed slopes in 4 connected ski areas. St.Moritz is only 2 hours drive away from Lugano. Given the heavy snowfalls over the past weeks, an excursion to the lovely valley of Engadine is an excellent idea.

The Engadine - where people greet each other with 'Allegra', a Romansh (Switzerland’s 4th national language) expression roughly meaning, in today's terms, 'be happy'.

A Romansh legend about this patch of land is still told by the inhabitants: "When the archangel had sealed the gate to paradise behind Adam and Eve, God stood in the now-deserted Garden of Eden and was filled with pity for the people who had chosen the path of sin. He therefore called for his angels, and told them that from then onwards paradise was to remain closed to all human beings. However, he wished to create for them a place on earth that would remind them of their lost homeland, a place that should be close to heaven and filled with all things beautiful, yet not perfect. Obeying this divine order, the angels duly created a paradise on earth: the Engadine.
Even if you are not a skier there is a child friendly ice-rink, romantic sleigh rides and picturesque walking paths around the lakes to be discovered. On a clear, cold air night the stars seem so close that you feel as if you could reach out and touch them. Nothing beats lying in the snow all bundled up with your kids looking up into the sky waiting to catch a shooting star.

Please check out my link list for some local tips on St.Moritz and the Engadine valley.

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