Saturday, December 18, 2010

Travel? No, thank you!

Do you remember when travelling used to be fun? That was actually only a few years back but it seems like ages. Everytime we set off on a new trip it takes longer and longer although the distances remain the same. Who said that the world is getting smaller?

Now, I admit personel is getting scarse, efficiency is a term few apply nowadays but state of the art planes and super-duper scanning technologies are suppose to make up for that, aren't they?

If it's not Eyjafjallajokull, the unpronounceable Icelandic volcano that shuts down the European air travel, it is the French strikers, sometimes the Spanish and if all of the above actually cooperate and act the way they are suppose starts snowing! It doesn't snow in the South or in the North but across the whole continent at the same time, preferably on a Friday or a voilà!

How many times can you get stuck in an airport within one month? An easyjet plane landed in Gatwick yesterday and the passengers could not disembark for 7 hours?!? Hello, remind me kindly which century we are living in?

My conclusion: today's real luxury is to own a private plane which would allow you to wizz off whenever you felt like it without any hassles or delays. Dream on, girl!!!!

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