Tuesday, December 7, 2010

X-mas shopping in Lugano

After a though morning chasing X-mas gifts there are 3 places where I love to refill my tired batteries. All 3 are a must if you live in Lugano. I’ve added their websites to my link list.
Gran Café al Porto in Via Nassa
Bar Gabbani in Via Pessina
Tea room Vanini in Piazza Riforma

View onto the lake of Lugano 

Christmas tree in Piazza Riforma

Christmas market down town

Chocolate X-mas tree by Grand Café al Porto

Gingerbread house by Münger

Delicatessenstore Gabbani

The one and only department store in Lugano
World famous MANOR


Anonymous said...

Ingrid, Aunque nunca comento tus posts, quiero que sepas que me encanta leer tu blog. Pienso que te estoy conociendo un poco mas!!
Sigue con esto pues aprender de diferentes culturas siempre me ha parecido muy interesante!!

Un bacione da Madrid bella!!!
Gaby, Garza

gladys said...

beautiful pictures! And love those countries because of the xmas feeling. Madrid and the plaza mayor are quite a depressing sight compared to Weihnachtsmarkten in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Pass the Gluhwein!

Anonymous said...

can you confirm ur private e mail contact please

Expatwithkids said...

You can contact me at expatwithkids@yahoo.com.
Looking forward to hearing your comments!

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