Monday, December 27, 2010

A pleasant travel experience

My plan was to avoid the Christmas travel crowd but how could I resist travelling. My passion is exploring the world and combining this with visiting friends is the perfect holiday plan for kids and adults. So, when the kids school holiday begin we NEED to hop on a plane and get a breath of fresh air. This time my scheduled trip was just the way I imagined it. I figured by Monday, Dec 27th everybody would have arrived to where they need to be for Christmas. The unlucky ones who had to work between X-mas and New Year's Eve would be back in their offices by today. I won my gamble! Malpensa airport was deserted, no queues in sight and no delays. It was an absolute pleasure travelling with my family today. Only pictures can describe the bliss of travelling on this sunny day!

1 comment:

Blanca said...

Wow!!! perfect timing!!!

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