Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Locarno on ice

If your children are enrolled at the Swiss public school, Wednesday afternoons can be very long. The kids get off at 11:45 and either they follow their various extracurricular activities or else Mummy has to come up with a pretty good programme to keep them entertained!!!!
Today I thought I’d take them off to Locarno which is roughly 40km up the valley. For the Christmas festivities the city of Locarno has set up an ice rink in the main piazza Grande. 
Ticino has a long and strong history of ice hockey, therefore today (as of 14:00) the children can meet their heros of the rival local hockey teams HC Lugano and HC Ambri Piotta and hunt for autographs while skating. Sounds like a perfect plan to me!
Check it out for yourdelf: Locarno on ice

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