Sunday, December 26, 2010

Avoiding family Christmas drama

For the first time in many years we decided to spend Christmas at home and not travel to my in-laws on Dec 23rd along with roughly 40 million Italians. My best Christmas present this year was not having to face an airport the day before Christmas.

Our Christmas was peaceful, relaxed and very special this year. Finally I got to bring out my arsenal of British Christmas traditions from Christmas carols to mincemeat pies and brandy butter (something my children have never tasted before).
We had no family frictions, no disputes, no one wasted precious time trying to change anyone, much less on a day that is supposed to be about peace.

I even found the perfect Christmas cards saying: "Home is where the laughter begins".
The secret is having fun together. Everybody has their expectations about Christmas and undoubtedly they do not all coincide, therefore be flexible and take it in strides. Put on some music and dance, but don't forget to include kids and elders. Adding just a touch of structure to encourage positive interaction.

In all this do not forget to honour your family's culture while you expand it. 
Take a look at the Neapolitans, the festivities evolve all around food; as long as you're eating your tummy is happy and so are you. By the time you're finished the 72 gourmet marathon you don't have any energy left to argue.

The season can be a triathlon of cooking, shopping and decorating. But if generosity is to be the common denominator among all faiths and cultures, then the key to a successful holiday is to be more aware of your limitations and more considerate of others' sensitivities.

Happy holidays!


Anonymous said...

My family and I just moved to Geneva from the U.S. eight days ago and your blog makes me smile. Thank you.

Eclectic melange said...


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