Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lugano's fresh produce market

"Shipping is a terrible thing to do to vegetables.  They probably get jet-lagged, just like people."  Elizabeth Berry

This morning I took myself off to the fresh food market. The Lugano market offers the typical food products of small farmers that sell their goods directly. Bio fruits and vegetables, free range eggs, home cured meats and fresh parmeggiano cheese all at my finger tips. The market takes place in the city centre every Tuesday and Friday from 8 to 12 am. Go have a look for yourself and get inspired! Stop to have a cappuccino at Comis Caffé or Bar Divino and ....ENJOY YOUR MORNING!!!!!

Bio (organic) fruits & vegetables

Ideas for my herb garden

I'll have a bit of each, please!

A serious piece of Parmeggiano...


XLMIC said...

Generally speaking I love the local markets in Europe. There seems to be so much more attention to presentation.

Expat with Kids said...

You're right. They really need to sell their stuff. The prices are pretty steep eventough outdoor markets should be cheaper than supermarkets, competion is tough!!! ;)

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