Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Karl Lagerfeld chocolate hotel room

"If chocolate is the answer, the question is irrelevant."

I came across this photo last week and just couldn't resist sharing this piece of information with my readers. I am a serious chocoholic and always have been. Growing up in Switzerland only fueled my craving. NOTHING beats Swiss chocolate except Belgian pralines!!!

Karl Lagerfeld latest creative venture is a hotel room entirely made from chocolate. The eccentric designer teamed up with Magnum ice cream and chocolatier Patrick Roger to create a chocolate hotel suite at La Reserve in Paris to celebrate the launch of Magnum Ecuador and Ghana ice creams, which are made with specially selected cocoa beans sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms in Ecuador and Ghana.

The whole suite is made from chocolate, including its carpet, headboard, book-filled nightstand and occupant — Lagerfeld’s companion and muse Baptiste Giabiconi, who is depicted eating a Magnum ice cream bar. The Karl Lagerfeld chocolate hotel room was created with 1.5 tons of chocolate, according to WWD. Head to WWD to read the magazine’s full interview with Karl Lagerfeld about his current projects and the chocolate hotel room.

Speaking about the hotel suite, Karl said: "It has been an absolute pleasure to design the Magnum Chocolate Suite. My idea was to flirt with a mix of modern and traditional French influences to create something remarkable."

Had this been my job there wouldn't have been much left to show!!!


Elisa @ Crazy, Amazing Life said...

I would love to check into that suite! If for nothing else, to take a bite out of a few pieces of furniture.

Expat with Kids said...


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