Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mother and daughter ART CLASSES in Agno

"A daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart."
Author Unknown

In line with yesterday's post about Girl Power, following is a further opportunity all you Mums and Daughters (as of age 5) living in Ticino should not miss.

If art is your passion, you make regular trips to art galleries and research your favorite artists. If you can spend hours looking at art and talking about it with each other. Or if you're just searching for an activity durning which you can both have lots of fun together;  this Art class is open to Mother and Daughters who would like to spend time together making art and learning the basics of creativity.

Pick out one or more of these afternoons for 2 hour sessions of Sketching and painting techniques:

Monday June 6th “Drawing human figures”
Tuesday June 7th “Drawing animals”
Wednesday June 8th “Painting small canvas using acrylic paints”
Thursday June 9th “Painting a pet rock with acrylic paints”
Friday June 10th “Creation of a collage on canvas”

Courses are taught in English and Italian.
(Courses will be repeated the two weeks following, also with different themes such as mosaic and jewelry……ask for information)

Where: Atelier Le Dodici Lune (The Twelve Moons)
Piazza Vicari 19
6982 Agno
Cost: CHF 35.- per day per person, including supplies
Reserve your afternoons at: or call Teddy Praxmarer at Tel. 079/605'47'73


Chasing Rainbow said...

That's great. I would love to find something like that here (Toronto).

Debra said...

I love the idea of Mom and Daughter art classes!

To answer the question you left on a post, yes, to make multi-images with Picasa you would need to download Picasa to your computer.

I am thrilled that you went out and bought an external hard drive. So worth the money!

Expat with Kids said...

@Chasing Rainbow: Happy Birthday little one!
@Debra: Thanks for answering my question and inspiring me though your blog.
@both: I love eclectic, colourful bloggers! ;)

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