Thursday, April 4, 2013

Walking Lugano 2013

If you love sport or hate the excercise, if you 86 or 6 years old, if you are local or come from a far, Sunday is the day ALL of Lugano will gather for a walk in the sunshine. Hopefully!!!!

Walking Lugano is a healthy, dynamic and funny way to learn about the city while exercising. The city proposes five different itineraries for walking/strolling or the more energetic Nordic walking. Several secondary activities will be happening around Piazza Riforma providing a lot of sport and fun for everyone. Don't miss this opportunity to be healthy and have a different day, in movement!

Online inscriptions are open until tonight under this link:
You can also register Saturday, April 6th at Piazza Manzoni from 3 to 5pm and Sunday, April 7th at Piazza Manzoni from 9.00am onwards.

Below you'll find the various itineraries from a comfy 5.0 km to a heafty 18.6km:

Lake & Walking: 5km
Registration fee: CHF 40.-
Departure time: 10:50

Relax: 6.6 km
Registration fee: CHF 25.-
Departure time: 11:00 (Walking), 11:05 (Nodic Walking)

Panorama: 10.6 km
Registration fee: CHF 30
Departure time: 10:30 (Walking), 10:35/10:40 (Nordic Walking)

Fitness: 15.6 km
Registration fee: CHF 32.-
Departure time: 10:15 (Walking), 10:20 (Nordic Walking)

Challenge: 18.6 km
Registration fee: CHF 33.-
Departure time: 10:00 (Walking), 10:05 (Nordic Walking)

Children under the age of 12 pay CHF 12.- for any race.
All details can be found on

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