Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lessons for my kids

Here is a list I came across and wanted to share with you. We spend so much time running around making sure we are on schedule and trying to catch up with ourselves, we sometimes forget to mention the important facts in life.

Here are some lessons I will make sure my kids have ingrained in them. Did you know that Marshall Duke, a colorful psychologist at Emory University in the mid-1990s, claimed that “The children who know a lot about their families tend to do better when they face challenges."? So keep talking to your kids and be an example, if not always in practice (nobody's perfect) at least in theory.


ms_havachat said...

Great list!

Interestingly, my daughter came shopping with me today (I usually do this online or while she's at school). There were several empty boxes on the floor of one of the isles, and she said 'mummy those boxes are dangerous on the floor, someone will trip - where should I put them' and before I could answer, she saw a trolley one of the supermarket staff were pushing and asked if she could put the boxes there.
Several 'older' people commented on her good judgement, and when she said 'thank you' they were amazed at her manners.
What was funny was I received the praise for her manners, which was lovely, but really it's all her :)
PS: she's 8 years old.
One very proud mama

Expat with Kids said...

Way to go girl. Make your Mummy proud. Every little effort counts!

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