Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How well do you know Lugano?

How well do you know Lugano? If you had a friend come to visit how much could you really tell them about Lugano? Why not find out a bit more about the city you live in?

This week Lugano Turismo has published the 2013 catalogue of guided tours. They are offering a variety of outings such as the Unexpected Classic tour (Mondays) or Lugano yesterday and today tour (Thursdays). You can also take a plunge into the city’s green areas on the Parks and Gardens tour (Tuesdays) or ascend Lugano's landmark on the Monté Bré tour (Fridays).

The tours will be held in the two prevalent languages. The first three tours are morning tours starting at 10:00 and last two hours. The Monte Bré tour will be offered as of May 31st, 2013 from 13: 00 to 17:45.

There is much more to discover, just download Lugano Turismo's Guided Excursion leaflet here and get cracking: http://www.luganoturismo.ch.

Oh, I nearly forgot the best part ...  the tours are all free of charge!

Meeting point and arrival for first three tours:
Informations office, Ente Turistico del Luganese-Palazzo Civico at 10:00
Meeting point for Monté Bré tour:
Central Navigation Debarcadero at 13:00

Registration at the following sites:
Info Points Ente Turistico del Luganese-Palazzo Civico
Airport Lugano-Agno
and most hotel receptions

Telephonic Reservation Center:
Tel. +41(0)91 605 12 26

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