Friday, August 19, 2011

Mad about Macarons

The craze both sides of the ocean nowadays are macarons. The world seems to have discovered these marvellously light delicacies which dissolve on your tongue. The Swiss have been eating them for over 50 years under the name of "Luxemburgerli" made by Sprüngli.

Now you can try them out at home. Jill Colonna's new book "Mad about Macarons" will unveil all the secrets of French macaron recepies. Once you’ve mastered the basic recipe you can experiment with all sorts of other flavours (see Dark Chocolate filling). Arrange them on cupcake stands or create your own macaron dome birthday cake – a perfect way to dazzle your guests.

Macarons have a reputation of being devilishly difficult to make and accordingly, there’s a price tag to match.  But the process is straight-forward and fun in this colourful new book by Jill Colonna.  She explains simply and clearly her secrets so you can make macarons just like the French at home.

You will discover that making Parisian macarons can be the most gratifying and addictive of life’s little luxuries to make at home yourself.  Warning!  Once you start making macarons you’ll be hooked.

Bon appétit!

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