Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bike sharing Velopass Lugano-Paradiso

Take advantage of these hot summer days and go for a bike ride. Don't have a bike or live on a hill? Not to worry, there is a solution. It's called bike sharing. It has become very popular in major European cities.

The fastest, most economical means of transport in town, velopass gives you access with a single card to all bike sharing networks in Switzerland. If you want to combine short and long shifts, the mobilitypass offers you both velopass bikes and Car Sharing.

Velopass rents bikes from self-service stations open 24/7. With this service, you can rent a bike in one station and give back it back in another, when you have reached your destination. For a day or a year, for one network or for all Switzerland, several types of subscriptions are available. For further information also refer to

Today there are 68 bikes available to those who want to get around Lugano in an ecological way. The number will increase in coming months. The bike sharing project's bodes well given the success in these first twelve months of activity.

The availability of the bikes and the location of the bike stations can be consulted at any time. Click here for more detail or download application for free at AppStore.

The assosciation that provided the bikes, the Lugano Sud Climate Fund, is also promoting the development of a bike track to Grancia, thus creating a link with the existing network Lugano-Paradiso. Just imagine you'll be able to go shopping to the commercial center Lugano Sud by bike!?!

Lugano Sud Climate Fund is an association founded by a convention between the ATA Ticino section, the IKEA Group and WWF. The aim of the association, funded solely with the proceeds of the Lugano Sud Parking house, is to promote and support initiatives protecting the climate, encouraging the use of energy saving products and raising awareness of alternative energy use.

Sounds good to me. I'll be taking a ride along the lake this weekend. ;)

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