Monday, August 22, 2011

InterNations Networking Event in Lugano

“Our conference in 1945 did much more than draft an International agreement among 50 nations. We set down on paper the only principles which will enable civilized human life to continue to survive on this globe.”
Harry S. Truman is an International social network service designed with expatriates in mind. The website was founded by three young German businessmen. They had come to recognize the need for a global online network for expatriates when they were living abroad themselves. They decided to come up with a web-based dot-com solution to address issues like relocation, intercultural competence, cross-cultural communications and everyday life as an expat which today spreads over 230 cities worldwide.

“Connecting Global Minds” is the motto of InterNations. The term global mind refers to individuals with an International mindset, a multicultural background, or a place of residence in a location other than their home country.

InterNations are happy to invite you to their August 2011 Lugano get-together, to mingle, catch up with friends and meet new people.

InterNations is organizing a meeting on Wednesday August 24, 2011 from 7 pm onwards, at the SASSA BAR LOUNGE at Villa Sassa with panoramic view of Lugano and the Lake.

As usual, entrance is free, drinks are pay self (pay as you go/no tabs), and the Villa Sassa is offering a selection of finger foods.

For many guests, it’ll be the first InterNations event; quite a few people will arrive on their own. Please help make them feel welcome. If you see someone alone in a corner, it’d be great if you introduced them to your friends. In this way, we can share the spirit of connecting global minds, and every member will have a lovely time. Thanks!

Please register for this event by signing up at their site and by clicking the Accept Invitation button. Feel free to bring your International friends but please do invite them to sign up to InterNations, too.

Venue: InterNations Networking Event
Where: Sassa Bar LOUNGE at the Villa Sassa, Via Tesserete 10, 6900 Lugano
When: Wednesday, August 24th, 2011
Time: 19:00

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