Wednesday, August 24, 2011

English for tots in Lugano

The summer holidays are slowly coming to an end......sorry, I hate to break the bad news! A lot of you will be in full preparations with gathering school materials, sports equipment, etc. and expertly (!!!) coaching your kids into a soft start back into reality.

Back to school season also means hunting down extracurricular activities, organizing courses that interest your kids and coordinating schedules. I will be posting various suggestions over the next couple of days/weeks which hopefully will tickle your fancy.

Primi Passi in Inglese or Easy English for kids is a Parent-Toddler class TO LEARN and SPEAK ENGLISH. Its different from a normal toddler group in that they actively promote English speech and understanding (using of course, lots of songs, puppetry, arts and crafts activities and FUN!). It is open to children age 1-4 years old, accompanied by parent / carer.

Miriam Harpur-Kaegi and her team are qualified teachers with experience with children. They started teaching English to kids last year and have now decided to expand and are moving the Primi Passi (the toddler group) class to Centro Bambini in Lugano. The course starts in September on Tuesday mornings.

It is their aim to teach and learn English through listening, singing, repeating and speaking in a relaxed, easy, fun way.

For more information call Miriam Harpur-Kaegi on 077 435 2131

Where: Centro Bambini, Via Trevano 13,  Molino Nuovo
When: Tuesday mornings 9.30am - 10.45am
Cost: 195.- CHF from September to Christmas
Note: Miriam is also planning an Easy English course for children aged 6 to 11. Please contact her directly should you be interested.

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