Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Swiss Watching by D.Bewes

"To travel is to live"
Hans Christian Andersen

The London travel writer, Diccon Bewes, has lived in Bern for five years. What could be more obvious, therefore, than writing a book about Switzerland, this island within Europe. "How come that the Alpine republic has managed to make its products famous the the world over, but hasn't produced many well-known citizens?" Bewes wondered. So, he bought himself a rail pass and set off to find out "how this enigmatic country ticks".

Bewes' Swiss Watching: Inside Europe's Landlocked Island offers 300 pages of striking and humorous insights into Switzerland. Poignant and full of British humour, he describes Switzerland and its "sometimes quirky" people as a product of the country’s geography and its history, religion, politics and wealth.

Just check out his crash course to all things Swiss, from A to Z, which is one of the most popular posts from his blog at: http://swisswatching.wordpress.com

Diccon Bewes' "Swiss Watching" (Nicolas Brealey Publishing)
can be purchased online at Orell Füessli and costs CHF 30.50.

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