Thursday, April 7, 2011

Celebrate World Health Day today

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”
Mahatma Gandhi

In 1982 World Health Organization (WHO) undertook a reorientation of health education, designed to expand its community approach and include communication theories and practice. In 1987 the term "health education" was changed to "health promotion" to denote a broader, ecological approach to the work of facilitating "informed choices" by people on health matters.

Every year, World Health Day is observed on April 7, the day, in 1948, when WHO came into being. Each World Health Day is devoted to a particular theme, and material is made available for member states to commemorate the day with a program focus.

This year the WHO is calling for an intensified look at the growing problem of antimicrobial resistance around the world.

Antimicrobial resistance -- also called drug resistance -- happens when bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi mutate into new forms that render medications used to cure them ineffective, according to the WHO. "With the growth of global trade and travel, resistant microorganisms can spread promptly to any part of the world," the organization said. They recognize that education is one of the most important ways to combat antimicrobial resistance. That's why the organization is dedicating World Health Day to this important topic in 2011.

Read 10 facts on antimicrobial resisitance here: WHO factfiles

I've added a site I enjoy reading with my kids. It provides us with all the answers for our medical curiosity. It's called:

Check out their kids dictionary of medical words. Medical words brilliantly explained!


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