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“Before the beginning of great brilliance, there must be chaos. Before a brilliant person begins something great, they must look foolish in the crowd.” - I Ching

Born an expat to an American father and a very British mother I was raised in Zurich, Switzerland. Having completed my Swiss degree, I fled to the United States to university and came running back “home” to Europe two years later to finish my studies in Italy.
I found myself a job in the International city of Geneva where my Marketing&Sales career blossomed for nearly 10 years when I fell in love with a gorgeous Italian man.
I turned my whole life around, abandoned my career in fragrances and cosmetics and with THE ring on my finger said goodbye to friends and family before being swooped off to our first expat destination, my dream port of call: Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
Our son was born a porteno and proud of it. Two years later we moved to Paris only to move again after six months, this time to Milano where our daughter was born. A real Milanese.
Enjoying a three year stint in Madrid - a city all 4 of us fell hopelessly in love with - we are now based in the Metropolitan city of Lugano, Switzerland.
Without planning I have returned back to my roots so to say and my husband and kids are getting a healthy dose of Swiss discipline and education.
Personally I am lacking the hustle and bustle of a big city and therefore decided to undertake some territory discovery of my own via a blog.

Welcome to my world....Expat with Kids!

Addendum: This blog came to life thirteen years ago. In the meantime our family has moved on and is now residing in Firenze. Nevertheless, Lugano will remain home for us, especially for Expat Girl, therefore I have decided to go on blogging. My posts continue to come from my heart and soul with the hope that Expats as well as Ticinesi will find my blog useful, resourceful and fun! 

You can also find me on my Parisian blog: Expat with Kids in Paris

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