Thursday, February 27, 2014

Step by step for Japan

Everything starts with a single step. If you feel like watching a movie out of the ordinary please join a group of Japanese tonight for the movie showing of "negative : nothing" by Jan Knüesel e Stephan Knüesel.

March 11th marks a turning point in the life of Swiss travel agent Thomas Köhler. After the Tsunami and the nuclear disaster in Japan he loses all his customers, and eventually his job. Nevertheless, giving up is not an option. He decides to walk through Japan, 2900 kilometers from north to south, in order to show that not all of Japan is Fukushima. A trip of a lifetime starts through a country trying to cope with its biggest crisis since the end of World War II, but never losing hope for better days. The documentary film «Negative: Nothing» is a journey that changes the life of a travel agent forever and gives hope and strength to a nation. Even the longest journey starts with a single step.

Venue: Negative Nothing (Documentary, Japan, 2012)
Where: Cinema Lux Arthouse, Via Motta, 6908 Massagno
When: Thursday, February 27th, 2014
Time: 20:00

For more info:
Promoted by Camelia Club Giapponese, Tel. +41 (0)78 867 46 91 or

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lugano's children carnival 2014

Lugano celebrates its carnival called Carnevale "Ul Sbroja" with a programme of events that animates the city during the entire carnival period. It begins the week before "Mardi Gras" with the visit of the King and Queen Sbroja to various nursing homes.

On Thursday the procession of Lugano's school children is held, which is followed by the delivery of the city keys to the rulers. Next Monday there will be the classic risotto offered to the population in Piazza della Reforma.

The childrens' carnevale is the occasion for a great party for children, teens and adults! A chance to spend an afternoon of joy and pure fun! Don't miss the departure of the local city schools' parade accompanied by 3 Guggenmusic bands in Piazza Riforma at 2pm.

At 15:30 - arrival in Piazza della Reforma - a snack will be provided for everyone and you'll be able to assist the handing over of the keys to the King and Queen Sbroja.

Venue: Carnevale dei bambini
Where: Piazza Riforma Lugano
When: Thursday, February 27th, 2014
Time: 14:00

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Expat Expo in Lugano on March 30th, 2014

If you are an expat you surely have heard about the Expat Expo that is returning to Lugano for the third year. If not, this is your chance to get to meet and greet many expats and like-minded locals who are offering their services, knowledge, expertise and products.

50 exhibitors from all over Switzerland along with many local companies and clubs from Lugano will be on hand to greet you and introduce you to their specialties and make you feel more at home in Ticino, whether you are here for a week or a lifetime! Join them for a day of discovery!

The Expat Expo was a huge success last year and lots of fun. It is a chance to meet and learn about clubs, schools, businesses and services that cater to the English speaking community in the Ticino.

Michael from The British Cheese Centre will be there with a big selection of artisanal cheeses from the UK. Mark from The Whisky Experience will be on-hand to pour samples of their famous single malts.

The U.S. Embassy will provide information about and answer your questions about U.S. Citizenship, Visas to the United States and any other questions which U.S. citizens may have. Sorry, they cannot give advice on U.S. taxes or IRS policies.

4 Events Entertainment specializes in Balloon Sculpting and Face Paintingfor children's birthday parties and events. Balloon figures are fun to watchthe creation of and fun to play with. Face painting adds to the magic of imagination and make believe...a fun mask for any child!

Kids, join the 4 Events team at the free Bouncy Castle!

IWCL will be there and, FYI, there are still tables available. Get in touch with the organizers if you want to join. Please spread the word among your friends and associates.

Find more info at

Venue: 3rd Expat-Expo Lugano
Where: Palazzo dei Congressi, Piazza Indipendenza 4, 6900 Lugano
When: Sunday, March 30th, 2014
Time: 11:00 - 17:00
Free admission!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

IWCL Evening Group is hitting the dance floor...

Get ready to dance to the SOUNDS of the 80’s/90’s. You won't have to stay up and wait until midnight to go out either because, once again, Choco-Late is opening its doors just for the International Women's Club of Lugano.

Don't miss an evening with friends and fun on Thursday, February 20th, 2014.

Venue: IWCL Evening Group Disco dance
Where: Choco-Late club, Piazza Dante 8, 6900 Lugano
When: Thursday, Feb 20th, 2014
Time: 20:30 until 23:00
Price: CHF 30 - includes a very generous celebration buffet, 1 drink voucher water and orange juice

Don’t forget to let them know if you want to join, so that they can provide enough food for everyone, write quickly to:

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

SuperTata at your service

It's Friday night and you are longing to go out for a romantic dinner with your partner? Or you are dying to hit town with your buddies? Or you just want to have a night off and go to the movies?

All this is possible, as long as you have someone looking after your kids. Unfortunately Granny and Grandpa aren't at hand and neither is a babysitter. This is were SUPERTATA Alessia comes to the rescue.

This resourceful lady has launched a brilliant initiative: starting as of now, every Friday you could have a chance to enjoy a quite evening out with your sweetheart. Alessia is offering baby-sitting service from 7 to 10 pm which includes dinner, games and activities for children ages 5 to 12. Even older siblings can join the fun if they still want to be looked after together with the little ones. That's what I call service. The cost is CHF 20,- per hour/per family. Reservation only!

She is planning to run the service every Friday if the feedback is positive.

Should you have younger childen, could help you find a baby-sitter to take care of your little ones at home.

So, be sure to check her site or contact her directly at:

Friday, February 14, 2014

What does your Valentine's Day gift say?

Want to know what your Valentine's Day gift says about your relationship? Check it out on the info-graph below. And if all else fails, follow the advice on the bottom.

Wishing everybody a Happy Valentine's day!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy in Lugano

Yessssss. Someone went out and did it! I'm talking about Pharell Williams' HAPPY video that has gone viral and many cities across the globe have adopted and adapted to their local taste.

Yesterday published its version.....GRANDE! You'll spot the Manor, Credit Suisse and even the Elizabeth Arden lipstick ad from 20 years ago! Who said Lugano wasn't International?

Valentine's Day Coupons

Valentine's Day is all about love. Rather than rushing out to buy a last minute gift, share some time with your loved ones. Here are some sweet Valentine's coupons that I came across on the net.

The premade coupons for kids, include dessert before dinner or one day without chores; and adults, include breakfast in bed or a meal out at their favorite restaurant. Plus, you'll find some blank coupons so you can write your own - just open the blank PDF and type in your coupon text, or print them onto cardstock and handwrite them.

Amy loves Crafts has more coupons to offer: click here 

However, this coupon by allthosethingsilove tops them all: click here

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Safety in Paradise

So far, I have not had the pleasure of flying Air New Zealand but judging by their latest onboard safety video it sure looks tempting.

Air New Zealand has a bit of a reputation when it comes to safety videos. Previous versions of the video - starring anything from Hobbits to Bear Grylls to New Zealand's all conquering All Blacks rugby team - have revolutionized the on-board safety message airlines deliver to passengers.

Their latest version (released on Tuesday) has gone viral, however, it has hit some turbulence after the airline teamed up with Sports Illustrated magazine to produce what it's calling "the world's most beautiful safety video."

Fun or offensive, either way, Air New Zealand actually get their customers watching and interpreting and internalizing their safety messages, better than - I would argue - anyone else, because they get their attention with the video.

I sure wouldn't mind a little creativity and fantasy in those monotonous but nevertheless vitally important onboard videos. You decide what looks better: Cooks Island or the Sports Illustrated Models?

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Swiss Olympic vintage

Have you not been hit by the Olympic spirit yet? Or are you glued to the TV since Friday night? Either way, did you know that Switzerland hosted the Winter Olympics on two occasions? In 1928 and 1948, both times the games were held in St.Moritz. At the time there were 464 and 669 participants respectively.

This is what it looked like:

The U.S. women's ski team shows off their stylish uniforms
at the '48 Games in snowy St. Moritz.

Judges hold up scorecards at the 1948 Winter Olympics,
the first Winter Olympics to be held in the wake of World War II.

The 1928 Winter Olympics featured two demonstration sports:
skijoring and military patrol

Alpine skiing was not an event yet!

In 1948 two rival American Olympic Hockey teams showed up, confused organizers allowed one to play and the other to march in the opening ceremonies.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Are you ready for the sirens?

“What if Alexander Graham Bell's name were Alexander Graham Siren? The phone wouldn't ring, it would GO OFF!! EERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! HELLO! HELLO!!”
George Carlin

So we all know that the Swiss are extremly cautious citizens. They have the right protection for every possible situtation. The prejudice that Switzerland is a country of insurance is absolutely true. The avereage Swiss household (2,23 persons) will spend approx. CHF 1700.-/month for mandatory insurance, including health insurance and contributions to social security or else CHF 20,400.- per year.
Did you know, however, that more than CHF 50 billion are spent each year for non-compulsory insurance, that's CHF 6588.- per head.

But it doesn't stop there.

Be prepared because on February 5th, 2014 the annual test of the sirens will be held in Switzerland between 13:30 and 15:00. 8500 mobile and stationary civil-defense sirens which can alert 99% of the population, will be tested. Sirens for this alert have a regularly ascending and descending tone lasting a minute and repeated after a two-minute interval. Following that, the 700 water alarms, will resonate twelve low sounds lasting 20 seconds each between 14.15 and 15.00 in downstream areas of dams.

Every year, on the first Wednesday of February, Switzerland's sirens are tested. During this test, general alert sirens as well as the sirens near dams are tested to see if they are in working order. The population is informed of the test days ahead by radio, television, teletext and newspapers. The siren tests do not require the population to take any special measures.

Introduced during wartime, they are now used to alert the population to impending catastrophes or water dangers such as flooding. The population is instructed to inform those around them to proceed inside. Once inside, people are instructed to listen to emergency broadcasts made by the Swiss Radio and/or TV.

This is what it sounded like from my balcony in 2011:

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Are YOU an International school kid?

Over the past few weeks an article has been making its rounds on the net defining an International school kid. If you have moved around and lived in different countries, this will make you smile.

Just a few points before you click on the link:

- The best thing about being an International school kid is that you can honestly say you have friends from all around the world.

- When you arrive at an International school you enter with one accent…but you leave with about seven.

- Missing school to get your visa sorted was just as common as going to the doctor.

- When people ask you where you’re from, it’s sorta tricky to answer.

- When you talk to non-International school kids, you realise how ridiculous the stuff you got to do at school was… like the time you went to the Louvre aged 10 and hated it.

- Sometimes school would be cancelled for dramatic reasons like bombs threats and demonstrations.

- HOWEVER, nothing beat the feeling of finding a kid in school who spoke the same native language as you.

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