Friday, August 30, 2019

Kid Expat Challenges

It is that time of year in the Northern hemisphere. Back to school means a new city, new school and new friends for many globetrotting families. It is tough for parents but kids also - at almost any age -  are going to need time to adjust. The rule of thumb is it takes at least six months for children to adjust and start settling in.

It is important to check in with kids and give them opportunities to express their concerns, fears and frustrations ahead of the move and during the initial period, parents say.

One parent suggested allowing the kids input wherever you can - say by asking what they like and don’t about neighbourhoods or houses when a realtor shows you around. Another suggested making a list of things they want to do in the new place.

Others recommend to be sure to emphasise the fun side of this opportunity, “Best part is introducing your kids to new animals, food, and friends.”

Try to foster a responsive, rather than reactive approach to coping with changes associated with a major move, teens and young adults can learn how to achieve clarity while navigating the inevitable obstacles of life. Help your child build resilience may really help manage this transition.

Be accepting of grieving. Your child may go through stages of grieving behaviour as they try to navigate a new country, house, school, teachers, friends. Most of all, listen to their concerns, show you understand and try and focus on positives.

Monday, August 26, 2019

US Embassy To Offer Consular Services at TASIS

Get ready for the yearly US Consular visit at TASIS in September. Meetings are by appointment only but it could avoid a long trek up to Bern, Zürich or Geneva.

TASIS (The American School in Switzerland) cordially invites American citizens to a consular services event. To request an appointment please email:

Venue: Consular visit by US Embassy in Bern
Where: TASIS (The American School in Switzerland), Via Collina d’Oro 15, 6926 Montagnola
Date: Monday, September 23, 2019
Time: 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. (by appointment only)

 Available services
·           Passport Applications
·           Consular Report of Birth Abroad Applications
·           Notarial Services

There is no cost to attend the event, but fees may be incurred for consular services and are payable in Swiss francs in cash only.  For more information about documentary requirements and applicable fees visit their website.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Who wants to be a Ticino influencer?

Ever wondered if you could be an influencer? Have you got a story to share? How would you promote our beautiful Ticino?

Ticino Turismo wants to reach the Swiss expat community with a targeted influencer campaign. They have teamed up with the experts "Newly Swissed" to launch casting auditions under the motto of "Who wants to be an influencer?. With this extraordinary project, the holiday region wishes to tempt Swiss expats into discovering Ticino.

Apply by Sunday, September 8, to win an amazing prize package worth CHF 5'400. During one weekend this autumn, you will stay at a luxurious Junior Suite in Lugano, get a hair makeover and attend one-on-one workshops with bloggers, a photographer and a YouTuber.

No worries if you're still new to social media. You'll get everything you need to make it big - from know-how to beautiful content showing your #ticinomoments!

Applications for the influencer casting are open to any English-speaking residents of Switzerland above the age of 18.
Record an original selfie video and state the motivation why you should be Switzerland's next influencer. Remember you need to convince the jury!
WhatsApp it to +41 78 915 66 78 or email it to
Wait for the confirmation message with a link and complete the form
Deadline for submissions: Sunday, Sept 8, 2019.
The winner will be contacted and announced on this site on Friday, Sept 13

Sunday, August 18, 2019

TEDxLugano, a unique experience

TEDxLugano is proud to officially launch its fifth edition!

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TED has created a program called TEDx. TEDx is a programme of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.

This event is called TEDxLugano, where x = independently organized TED event. At our TEDxLugano event, TEDTalks video and live speakers will combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group.

TEDxLugano's speakers include MANU KAPUR, a Professor of Learning Sciences at ETH Zürich. GERMAN RAMIREZ, Co-Founder & Chief Relevance Officer at The Relevance House AG. FABRIZIO GRAMUGLIO, CEO at Forever Identity.

One of the speakers is Marissa Fayer, a 20-year medtech executive, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. She is the CEO and founder of non-profit HERHealthEQ and president of advisory firm Fayer Consulting, LLC.

Marissa has been listed as one of the Top 100 Women in Medtech, a Top Woman Activist to Watch, awarded the 2018/9 Africa Development Award, and a Wonder Women in Medtech.

Leading the #wealththroughhealth and #healthequityforwomen movements she is dedicated to moving innovation and health forward throughout the world.

Marissa’s Talk will focus on redesigning how we solve global problems by incorporating existing resources into a new model of support.

Have you already bought the ticket? September is approaching quickly! Don't miss your chance! Register for TEDxLugano 2019 today! The event will be in English.

Venue: TEDxLugano
Where: Palazzo Dei Congressi, Piazza indipendenza 4, 6900 Lugano
Date: Saturday, 28 September 2019
Time: 13:00-19:00 followed by aperitivo
Tickets online:

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Buon Ferragosto

Monday, August 12, 2019

Sports climbing up the Luzzone dam

If you’re up for a challenge and into wall climbing, you might be interested in Ticino’s man-made climbing route, the Diga di Luzzone.

Bolted in the 1990s when a German manufacturer of climbing holds installed a line of over 650 artificial holds and bolts, the working dam slash artificial wall is considered as the Everest of wall climbing as it extends up to 165 meters from the base to the top of the dam.

The Lago di Luzzone is actually a reservoir with a volume of 108 million m³ located in the upper Blenio valley. The arch dam Luzzone was completed in 1963. In the years 1997–1998, its height was increased by 17 m?!?

The reservoir lies at a height of 1,606 metres above sea level and is surrounded by peaks of over 3,000 metres. The highest is Piz Terri (3,149 m), on the north-east side of the lake, followed by the Plattenberg (3,041 m), on the east side. The Torrone di Nav (2,832 m) overlooks the lake from the south side, while Pizzo Pianca (2,377 m) overlooks the lake from the north side.

The Luzzone region in the Blenio valley is full of excursion itineraries. It’s easy to find something that suits you. A slow stroll along the valley or a challenging path to the summit? Whatever your choice, you’ll enjoy a fabulous landscape! Go to check it out as long as the weather lasts.

Venue: Luzzone dam
Where: Ristorante Luzzone, Via Cantonale, 6720 Campo Blenio
When: at good weather conditions every day from May 1st to October 30th
Price: CHF 20.00 per person
Ticket and keys may be obtained at: Ristorante Luzzone (Tel. +41 91 872 13 55)

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Masterclass in leadership at FUS

Lugano will host an exceptional conference the end of August. This is an opportunity to join an incredible intergenerational Masterclass with young students, social entrepreneurs, executives, academics, researchers and representatives from governments and NGOs.

During this Masterclass you will be able to learn directly from one of the most prominent imaginal cells, Paul Polman, Chair of the International Chamber of Commerce, The B Team and Vice Chairman of the UN Global Compact. Kim Polman, Paul's wife, co-author of Imaginal Cells and co-founder of Reboot the Future will address the concept of imaginal cells.

If you are curious to know what would happen if we applied the Golden Rule in leadership practices, this event is for you.

Venue: Masterclass with Paul Polman
Where: FUS, Franklin University Switzerland, Via Ponte Tresa 29, 6924 Sorengo
Date: Friday, August 30th, 2019
Time: 9:00 to 18:00
For more info, click here:

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Opportunity for a UN experience

Each year, the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) finances around 20 UN Youth Volunteer (UNYV) positions. UNYV assignments, which last one year, are a unique opportunity to learn and grow, discover the multilateral system and further your career in the area of international cooperation.

From August 14, 2019, you can apply for the UNYV programme. The chosen candidates will start their assignment in March 2020 and work on a focal theme of the organization, such as human rights, gender, health, humanitarian aid, etc. Take the opportunity and spend an unforgettable year with a UN organization in the field!

Minimum requirements for applicants:
Swiss nationality
Master's degree in a relevant field
Ideally 1 year of relevant professional experience
Max. 28 years old at the moment of the application
Excellent command of English
Demonstrated thematic interest in international cooperation, development, human rights, peace promotion or humanitarian affairs

More inför, click here:

Monday, August 5, 2019

A post card from Ibiza

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Happy 1.August

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