Sunday, March 7, 2021

The power of food

It is normal to feel homesick when you are living away from your home but I start feeling homesick when I return to Switzerland. This manifests itself especially in delicious food. My favourite shopping spree is not to the fancy fashion boutiques but rather a quick runaround the Coop, one of Switzerland's two supermarket giants. Further, I just cannot resist those Early Beck bakery's? Too many temptations in too many shapes and colours. I call it Swiss comfort food... here are some of my favourite.

Teatime on the balcony. A chocolate-filled Carac with my tea.

Expat Girls favourite: Chiacchiere di Carnevale

Take-away lunch on top of the mountain: the best hot dog ever!

The most Swiss of all drinks: Ramseier and Rivella

Hot chocolate last year in a cosy café...

Hot chocolate on-the-go this year due to Covid restrictions.

I'll take them all, please. Carac and Vermicelles.

No winter holiday is complete without a raclette accompanied by a glass of Fendant.

Gruyères' best kept secret outside of Switzerland: meringues and cream.

A typical Swiss light lunch: Laugenbrötli, Bündnerfleisch, Salat und Ramseier.

Cannot get enough of those tea cakes.

An epic chocolate bar for yourself or as a present.

This little lemon cake made it all the way back to Paris for teatime.

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Nina - Expat Services said...

Now I'm hungry. I wonder how was your first time trying Rivella?

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