Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Questions for kids during Corona times

In order to help kids process their emotions about living in the time of Corona, Alexandra McDougall has come up with tools dedicated to helping them. 

Check out her flip through guided journal for kids from age 5 to 11 called "Corona Pirates". Full of funny illustrations and thought-provoking questions it allows children to write down their thoughts about everything that has made “Corona normal” quite odd. 

Here are some sample questions:

We have all learnt new things about ourselves during Corona normal. What have you learnt about yourself?

Did you create any special moments with your family recently?

What made these moments so extraordinary?

Have you found comfort in a book, show or game recently?

What did you enjoy about it?

Did it help you calm down or help you get out your energy?

Did it help you find words you were looking for or forget everything for a few minutes?

What can you do to make life a better or happier place, when things move forward, to life after Corona?

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